About DASH

DASH – who are we? And what do we do?

DASH was formed over a decade ago following a public meeting initiated by the local police and supported by WCC, Stratford DC, Shipston Town Council The Medical Centre and the Local Schools. As a result a committee was formed at the meeting Officers included Doug Harris,(Chairman) David Squires (Treasurer) together with Dr S Pritchard (Medical Centre) Ali Dibbins (Shipston High School), Gerlinde Gray and 5 other committee members. The remit from the public meeting was to try, with the support of qualified Outreach Workers and tackle the significant drug problem in Shipston on Stour.at the time and In particular to provide information and advice about drug and alcohol misuse, as well as to support and educate young people as a preventative measure, this is still as relevant now as it was then. We could say that DASH has been successful in achieving its aims as there is no longer the drugs problem there once was and hundreds of our young people have received education, counselling, and support as a result of the work DASH undertakes. DASH is also very mindful of how situations can change and keeps in close contact with the medical Centre, Schools, The Youth Club and the local Police to monitor the situation

Doug Harris was rewarded this year for his work as Chairman with his appointment as the first President of the group and Rachel Vial has taken over the Chairmanship of DASH Doug Harris, remains on the committee along with Dave Squires,  Ali Dibbens and Cllr. Richard Cheney. We want to continue to make sure young people in and around Shipston are supported and educated to help them avoid the miseries of drug and alcohol misuse. This year we will continue to support the 'Prison Me-No Way' programme at the Shipston High School and other education and health organisations in and around Shipston to continue to provide counselling sessions, education, information and support. Funds to support this work are raised through community events and grant funding.                     



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